Provincial Grand R.A.C. of Aberdeenshire

Royal Arch Titles

Within a Daughter Chapter:

Note first that the Principals have principles
as "Principal" is all too often spelt wrongly.

Full Title: Written Abbreviation:
All Principals, and all Past Principals are styled Most Excellent Companion M.E.Comp.
Scribes, Treasurers and Sojourners
during their term in office
Excellent Companions E.Comp.
All other Companions Companion Comp.
Within a Provincial Grand Chapter:
The title of this Chapter, and nearly everything in it is "Provincial Grand...",
the exceptions being the Grand Superintendent and his Depute(s).

The head of the Province is the Grand Superintendent

not the Provincial Grand Superintendent

nor the District Grand Superintendent
So when addressing him, call him... Most Excellent
Grand Superintendent
G.S. M.E.Comp.
G.Supt. M.E.Comp.
Grand Superintendent is also a rank in Supreme Grand Chapter higher than Grand Scribe Ezra, and below Third Grand Principal.
The next offices are: Most Excellent
Second Provincial Grand Principal
Most Excellent
Third Provincial Grand Principal
“Prov.” is preferred to “P.” as this also means “Past”.
All other Provincial Grand Office-Bearers are styled "Excellent".
Provincial Grand Scribe E.Prov.G.S.E.
Provincial Grand Scribe N.Prov.G.S.N.
Provincial Grand TreasurerProv.G.Tr.
Provincial Grand RecorderProv.G.Rec.
Provincial Grand ChancellorProv.G.Chanc.
First Provincial Grand Sojourner1st.Prov.G.Soj.
Second Provincial Grand Sojourner2nd.Prov.G.Soj.
Third Provincial Grand Third Sojourner3rd.Prov.G.Soj.
Provincial Grand Sword BearerProv.G.Swd.B.
Provincial Grand Director of CeremoniesProv.G.D.C.
Provincial Grand Superintendent of WorksProv.G.Supt.Wks.
Provincial Grand Standard BearerProv.G.Std.B.
Provincial Grand OrganistProv.G.Org.
Provincial Grand StewardsProv.G.Std.
Provincial Grand JanitorProv.G.Jan.

“P.” in front of these means “Past”.

“Hon.” in front of these means “Honorary”

Past Second Provincial Grand Principal    P.Prov.G.H.
Honorary Depute Grand Superintendent    Hon.D.G.S.

This comprehensive list for our guidance was produced locally by an eminent companion then passed to Supreme Grand Chapter for scrutiny and approval which was given on Friday 14th. January 2011.