Provincial Grand R.A.C. of Aberdeenshire

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These Bye-Laws were approved by Provincial Grand Chapter at the Convocation held on Saturday 6th. November 2010.

The foregoing Bye-Laws were sanctioned and confirmed at the Quarterly Convocation of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland held on Friday 17th. December 2010.

  1. The Constitution and Laws of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland as contained in the Book of Constitution and Laws shall be adopted for the Government of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Aberdeenshire so far as they are applicable to the management of the Provincial Grand Chapter.

    The Elective Office-Bearer’s shall be as follows, Treasurer, Recorder, Chancellor, First Sojourner, Second Sojourner, Third Sojourner, Sword Bearer, Standard Bearer, Director of Ceremonies, Superintendent of Works, Organist, First Steward, Second Steward, Third Steward, and Janitor.

    The Elective Office-Bearers shall be nominated annually, and elected and installed into their respective offices at the Convocation held in November, with the exception of the Treasurer who shall be elected in March. It shall not be competent to elect a Companion to any office unless he is present or submitted his apologies. The absence of the requisite qualifications or failure to pay the dues or fees of honour exigible in terms of these Bye-Laws shall disqualify for office or membership.

    The dues for the Subordinate Chapters, Lodge and Councils, and Cryptic Councils and other financial arrangements shall be fixed for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting held on the First Friday in November.

    Every Companion on his appointment or election to any of the Provincial Offices shall pay annually the Fees of Honour as specified in the Schedule, and this shall be due at the Regular Convocation in November and previous to the Installation Ceremony thereat. These shall be placed in the General Fund, and no Companion shall be entitled to hold office or vote at any Convocation of the Provincial Grand Chapter whose dues are not paid.

    The dues from Subordinate Chapters, Lodge and Councils, and Cryptic Councils for the ensuing 12 months, shall be payable to the Treasurer or, in his absence, to the Scribe E., on or before the 30th. November. The Annual Subscription from a Subordinate Chapter shall include the membership fees of the Three Principals, and for the First Principal when demitting Office to become a Life Member of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Aberdeenshire without further payment.

    Provincial grand Chapter shall hold Regular Convocations on the First Friday of March and November annually. Special Convocations may be convened by the Grand Superintendent whenever he may think it expedient, or on a requisition addressed to him or to Provincial Grand Scribe E., signed by twelve members of the Provincial Grand Chapter. The business to be transacted at a Special Convocation, shall be stated on the notice calling the Convocation, and no other business shall be transacted thereat. Such Convocation may be adjourned on a Motion to that effect being carried.

    The Scribe E and N shall jointly be the custodian of all, Records, Deeds, and Minute Book of the Provincial Grand Chapter. They shall prepare and issue all notices, keep the Minutes, record the names of at least seven Companions present, and conduct all the correspondence of the Provincial Grand Chapter. After the Chapter has been opened, shall read the Minute of the previous Convocation, which after approval, shall be authenticated by his and the presiding Companions signatures. An Honorarium for their services may be granted, the amount to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

    The Treasurer shall collect all dues to Provincial Grand Chapter and keep clear and distinct accounts of all monies received by him on account of Provincial Grand Chapter. The Fund shall be deposited in a Bank approved by the Committee in the name of the Provincial Grand Chapter, per die Grand Superintendent, Scribe E., and Treasurer for the time being. The accounts shall be operated upon by any of the two of three.
    He shall produce all the books and vouchers etc, and submit a Balance Sheet of the Funds when called upon, and to the Auditor as appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
    And shall on the Nomination and Election of his successor, liaise with PG Treasurer Elect to acquaint him with the financial working of the Provincial Grand Chapter. On close of the books at the end of the Financial Year 24th. August, shall permit access to allow the PG Treasurer Elect to start the new Financial Year Record. Shall make the necessary arrangements with the Bank with change of signature to effect the handover of funds and all property of the PGC on the day following the Installation. An Honorarium for his services may be granted, the amount to be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

  10. DUTIES of the JANITOR
    The Janitor shall personally, or by Deputy approved by Provincial Grand Scribe E., attend all the Convocations of the Provincial Grand Chapter, assist in the arrangements and to see that no one gains admission without proper qualifications. He shall give out and lay past all the clothing, jewels, and furniture of the Provincial Grand Chapter. He shall have no vote and cannot be reckoned one of the seven requisite to make a Convocation regular.

    The Grand Superintendent shall have the power to call in the Books of a Chapter, Lodge and Council, and Cryptic Council for inspection and to request any returns necessary. The Provincial Grand Chapter shall annually in November examine all books of all Subordinate Chapters, Lodge and Councils, and Cryptic Councils, at venues within the Province as arranged by PG Scribe E., where Examination Teams from Provincial Grand Chapter shall examine the books and report back to the PG Scribe E.

    It shall be the duty of the General Committee to see that the furniture, clothing, jewels, etc are insured for a sum sufficient to cover their replacement value.

    The General Committee shall consist of the Grand Superintendent, Two Depute Grand Superintendents, 2nd and 3rd Principal, Scribe E, and N, and PG Treasurer. The Committee shall meet as and when required. Five Members of the Committee shall form a quorum on all occasions. In the absence of the Grand Superintendent the highest rank shall preside.

    The Benevolent Fund shall consist of:

    1. Such sum as may be voted from time to time out of the General Fund of the Provincial Grand Chapter.
    2. Voluntary contributions or donations.
    3. Any other sums upon which the Provincial Grand Chapter may decide.

    The Fund shall be devoted to the sole purpose of Benevolence in connection with Royal Arch Freemasonry.

    All applications for Benevolence shall be made in writing to the Provincial Grand Scribe E., in the form and manner prescribed by Provincial Grand Chapter or its General Committee, and must be certified in signature by the First Principal of the claimants Chapter.

    The General Committee shall have the power to grant any sum for Benevolence not exceeding £100.00 and shall report all such grants to the Provincial Grand Chapter at its first meeting.