Provincial Grand R.A.C. of Aberdeenshire

The Haywood Lecturers...

Introduction by M.E. Comp. Grand Superintendent David Starritt (2002 - 2007)

When I was first appointed as Grand Superintendent I asked M.E.Comp. Stuart Haywood to be the Provincial Grand Scribe E.  The Province (then as now) held two meetings each year.  The election and installation meeting in November.   The March meeting was a bit of a damp squib as nothing much happened, and as such attendance was low.

Stuart and I decided to enliven that meeting by putting on a lecture, following it up with stovies. Stuart volunteered to give the first lecture, on The Banners, which he delivered very well indeed, illustrating his talk with images from an overhead projector.  The evening was a great success in every way.

During the summer recess Stuart suddenly and unexpectedly passed to the Grand Chapter above.  I carried on with the lectures each March, and designated them "The Haywood Lectures" in his memory, a name which I am happy to say is still very much in use today.

David Starritt

Year Name Office / Rank Lecture Title
2003 Stuart Haywood Pr.G.S.E. The Banners
2004 Grahame J. Smith G.S.E. Aspects of the Mark
2006 Thomas D. Frost P.D.F.G.P. Reminiscences
2007 Iain Glennie1 P.Z. The Mark Penny
2008 Sidney W. Munro G.Supt. The Green Back ($1)
2009 David Ogilvie G.Piper The Order’s Banners
2011 Douglas Philand G.Chanc. Experiences as a G.D.C.
2012 David Armstrong J.(30) King Solomon’s Temple: size and cost
2013 David R. Starritt P.G.Supt. The English Mark
2014 Iain Glennie2 P.Z. The Social History of Mark Tokens
2015 John Alexander Fraser F.G.P. The Alan Wilson Lodge, Fortrose
2016 Douglas Philand
Raymond Meres
Dr. Douglas Nicol
Hannah Starritt
H. #146
P.Z. #146
Dementia – the Iris Murdoch Foundation
Dementia – personal experiences
Dementia – medical aspects
Dementia – legal aspects
2017 Graham Watson C. Fund Raising
2019 Michael Stephen 3rd. GS. Lecture on "Personal Thoughts and Observations
of the Lodge and Council Degrees"
20 Gordon Ross P.G.S. of Angus & Mearns Lecture on Royal Arch Masonry and the relationship
between the North East Chapters and SGRAC.